Acid's Doggie [VRChat Avatar]

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What's included?

This is a avatar made for VRChat, and it's Quest compatible.
With all Arkit blendshapes, it supports Face tracking, not just for VRchat but VTuber avatar and more.

You can try it in FurHub,a VRChat world:


You can also buy this product on Booth:


Avatar Features

  • Customizable ears, face, and more in the future
  • Physbones set up for ears, tail, tongue, snoot and hair
  • Face tracking support
  • Boop and headpat reactions in VRChat

What you can get

  • A ready-to-upload unity package (physbones and facetracking ready)
  • A blender file with the avatar base, a hoodie(unoptimized) and a pants


✔️You may:

  • Upon purchase, you are free to edit them however you like
  • Publicly upload this avatar, as long as it is credited
  • Sell texture/edit commissions on this avatar. Both you and the client must own the avatar
  • Use the model for commercial purposes, such as games, etc. without the existence of distributing the assets

❌You may not:

  • Resell or redistribute the download assets, either directly or as part of another package

Jion my discord server for more information and future update

I want this!

Ready-to-upload VRChat avatar

VRChat unity package
Blender file
ARKit blendshapes
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Acid's Doggie [VRChat Avatar]

5 ratings
I want this!